solar slewing drive
Solar Slewing Drive

The solar slewing drive device is a new type of rotating product, which is usually composed of worm, rotary support, shell, motor and so on. Because the core component adopts rotary support and torus envelope worm structure, it can achieve multi-tooth contact, has the characteristics of large transmission torque, stable operation and so on, so it can bear large axial load, meridional load and strong tilting moment at the same time. Compared with the traditional rotary products, the rotary drive of spherical worm gear has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance and saving installation space to a greater extent. This product can be widely used in heavy plate transport vehicles, container cranes, truck cranes, aerial vehicles, solar power generation systems and other construction machinery and new energy fields.
The traditional solar installation method is to fix the operation of solar panels. In this way, in the morning and at night, it is very disadvantageous to absorb solar energy, more than 35% of the energy wasted, so that solar panels can rotate as the sun rotates the best way to solve the problem.
Shandong JinYu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a single-shaft and double-shaft solar tracking steering speed reducer. The product is currently in the range of 80-500 mm, more than 30 varieties, and can meet the requirements of different photovoltaic, photoelectric and photothermal tracking.

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