JINYU BRAND DG series Electric Linear Actuator ACCEPT OEM

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Shipping Port: Qingdao
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JINYU BRANDDG Electric Linear Actuator ACCEPT OEM

DG Series Electric Linear Actuator

 An electric linear actuator is also known as an electric cylinder or linear actuator. As early as in the 1980s, it was introduced into China and was used in steel mills and power plants. Our company was one of the earliest enterprise that engaged in developing and producing of this product series in China. Its rationale is to translate motor’s rotary motion into linear actuator’s linear motion so as to realize remote, centralized or automatic program control and automatic reciprocating movement. The product is compact, safe and reliable. In recent years, the scope of application has been increasingly expanded, reaching out to almost all equipment of reciprocating motion.

I. Overviews

 An electric linear actuator (i.e., electric linear actuator), is a kind of drive gear that converts rotary motion of a motor to linear motion of a linear actuator in order to realize remote, centralized or automatic control program.
  1. Components: Motor, reduction gear, screw, linear actuator, and electrical control system.
  2. Structure type: Motor vertical to linear actuator; Motor parallel to linear actuator; Motor and linear actuator are coaxial.
  3. Drive motor type: Common three-phase asynchronous motor; common two-phase motor; common DC motor; variable frequency motor; DC servo motor; stepper motor and so on. Pneumatic and hydraulic motors can also be used to meet some special requirements.
  4. Functions: Turning on/off, moving up/down, tilting, conveying, flipping, stop, positioning, and intermittent transmission, etc.
  5. Application: Metallurgy, mining, electric power, petrochemical, coal, machinery, transportation, shipbuilding, environmental protection, building materials, construction, aerospace, aviation, national defense and other industries.
  6. Main parameters for model selection:
Push and pull force (N); Travel(mm); Speed (mm/s).

II. Operation monitor and control type

 1. Contact switch (mechanical) 2. Magnetic induction switch 3. Potentiometer 4. Optical grating counter

III. Operation control parameters

1. Fixed speed control; Select fixed speed from model selection table, invariable.
2. Step less speed control: Speed can be adjusted at will through frequency conversion or servo motor.

IV. Selection instructions

First, identify the motion state of the object, carry out force analysis, and calculate push force, travel and speed, and then select linear actuator model from selection table to meet these three parameters. If push force and travel fall short, a lever mechanism may be added to change the arm of force, or place tailor-made order. We are ready to design and manufacture specifically for you what you really need to ensure your satisfaction.

 V. Installation instructions

 Electric linear actuator housing is equipped with fulcrum bars for installation. A chassis or hanging bracket may be installed in proper position, the shaft extension shall be coupled with driven components. Installation chassis and other accessories can be ordered at your option.
 1. The overload protection switch of electric linear actuator must be concatenated to the motor control circuit.
 2. In operation, an external travel limit switch must be installed to control the electric linear actuator. Overload protection switch shall not be used as external travel switch. External photoelectric proximity switch can be ordered at your option.
 3. Normal electric linear actuators are not allowed to bear radial force in installation and use.

 VI. Maintenance and repair

 1. Working temperature -15 °C40° C, relative humidity< 85%.
 2. Maintenance and repair shall be made at regular intervals of running (about six months). To grease the screw, remove the oil plug on the cylinder, make the linear actuator travel forward, then spread grease on the screw with a grease gun. To grease gear and bearing, removable cover plate of the gear box, directly add grease on them.
 3. Always pay attention to the position limit switch for fear of its displacement and out of control in multiple use, which may cause motor burned.



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How to Choose the Right Screw Jack?  

Q1:Do you need a screw jack of ball screw or trapezoidal screw? Answer: I need _____type.

1. The trapezoidal screw features: It is suitable for low speed and low frequency. 
Trapezoid screw has a self-lock function it can hold upload without braking device when screw stops traveling.

2. General ball screw features: High efficiency, High speed, Lifetime longer but no self-lock function

Q2: The total capacity is to load dynamic     KG (      KG static)
(it means how many Kg or Tons the screw jack needs to lift or drop?)

The stroke is  _    mm (it means a removable distance of lead screw, such as 500mm)
The lifting speed is ____mm/second (it means how much time you want to use to finish the stroke?
Such as I want to use 20 seconds to finish the 500mm stroke then can come out the speed is 25mm/s )

How often do you use the screw jack?      How much time per time?      .

Screw jack SWL2.5-120 performance parameters table as the below:


Q3: Which screw top you need?  Answer:  I need         (Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ/Ⅳ/Customized).

Q4: Manual type (Handwheel driven) or electric motor driven type or both driven type?

Answer: I need       type.  If electric motor driven type, your local     Voltage and       hertz?

Q5:  Screw movement (screw traveling up and down when working) or Nut movement?
(the nut traveling up and down when working)  Upright or Inverted?   

 Answer: I need          

Q6: Screw jacks linkage

Do you need two or above two sets to screw jacks to the linkage,
if yes pls see the below screw jacks linkage scheme if no pls ignore this?

Answer:  1. No need   2. Need,     sets (2 /4 /6/8 or other sets) screw jacks to the linkage,  
( I /T / H / U) )type ( Or you can mark it out on the below screw jacks linkage scheme picture).  

3. What's the central distance between the two jacks?      .

After we got your answers then we can make out a drawing for you. 

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1.We insist on choosing brand suppliers to supply high-quality raw materials to control the producing process. Optimization constantly the production processes, inspecting in each link and managing production site.
2. 100% quality assured with double quality inspections. The quality inspection by quality inspectors from processing to finished products for the first time. Before packing, the corresponding sales engineers must inspect the orders following the paper drawings, order quantities, and special markings in the invoice or sales contracts as the second time. After that, fill in the inspection report with signature and company stamp.
3. 100% safety transportation. Packing with strong standard export plywood case materials (free fumigation), inner packing with epe foams to prevent products swaying and outer packing with iron sheets and fasteners to fasten the packages.
4. International sales engineers have professional knowledge and skills in our standard products and service. They have enough ability to solve the basic technical problem immediately whatever by phone, online chat, face to face communications.
5. Custom design available, OEM service available, Free engineering advice, Free quotes available and Customer label available.
6. Inspection equipments include motor with inverter drive system, height adjustment motorized lifting system, coordinate measuring machines, outside micrometers, inside micrometers, depth calipers, vernier calipers, digital calipers, hardness testers, digital noise meters, industrial infrared thermometers, digital speed measuring instruments, digital multimeters, and high precision clamp digital ammeter etc. 

7. Processing with modern advanced machines such as CNC gear hobbing machines, CNC flank grinding machines, CNC cylindrical grinding machines, multi-axis CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, and others equipments.

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are a factory specializing in the production of screw jack,bevel gearbox,linear actuator.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Usually we produce within 35-60 days after the payment confirmed. If you are urgent, we will urge the production department for you.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q: What about the payment methods?
A: We accept T/T, L/C for big amount, and for small amount, you can pay us by PayPal, Western Union, and etc.

Q: What is the exact MOQ or price for your product ?
A: As an OEM company, we can provide and adapt our products to a wide range of needs.Thus, MOQ and price may greatly vary with size, material and further specifications; For instance, costly products or standard products will usually have a lower MOQ. Please contact us with all relevant details to get the most accurate quotation.

Q: What about the shipping method?
1. Ocean freight: seaport to seaport, price terms CIF, FOB, EXW, CFR etc.
2. Air freight: airport to airport, price terms EXW, CRF etc.
3. Air courier: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT door to door shipment, price terms DDU, CPT etc.

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